Sunday, January 31, 2010

Truly Worth Watching

My usual blog content is focused on my artwork, a sort of artist's journal. This video's content I think is worthy of a broad audience. I'm sure my sparsely viewed blog won't effect the number in that audience much, but I had to share it. For me art has to be influenced by one's beliefs about this world, and I have to agree with what is said in this speech.

A Harvard Commencement Speech: The Fringe Benefits of Failure by JK Rowling

Monday, January 18, 2010

Colorful and Recent

More artwork is coming!
I'm excited that I've been freed up from some deadlines, just two more applications to go! So, more visual art time. I've been working on projects that haven't been posted, I'll share some more finished pieces later.

For now I'll share some recent sketches.
I went to the zoo yesterday and did several quick sketches that I'm pleased with, as well as sketches from home. Unfortunately my scanner doesn't pick up a lot of the subtle details in colored pencil drawings. Still you can see I've been playing with some random colors in my sketches. Here is bit of imagery to enjoy! (Finally!)