Sunday, February 2, 2014

Whole Piece #22, 23, & 24

"Whole Piece #23"
Oils on Panel
6" by 6"
"Whole Piece #22"
Oils on Panel
5" by 7"
More Pieces

These are the three latest additions to the Whole Piece series! (You can read more about the series here.) I've made quite a jump since I last shared Whole Piece #12, so I'll be sharing the interim paintings in the next few posts. I'm still collecting photos of faces to use for this series, so feel free to contact me if you'd like to participate. My goal is to complete a minimum of 100 paintings in this series.


I recently visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and of many images and ideas that inspired me I especially enjoyed seeing the glorious texture and depth that I could never see in prints. I took some detail shots of the texture and brushwork, so I'll have to share that as well. 


I'm bursting with visual inspiration and a desire to do a few playful experimental paintings to pull out ideas 
and techniques from all my recent experiences. So, I have 
much to make time for; wish me luck.

Whole Piece #24
Oils on Panel
4" by 4"