Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspiration - Artful Accessories by Meghan Willis

          I was thinking today about how satisfying clothes and accessories can be, as a form of expression. I love items of style that let the owner tell the world a bit about him/herself. Sometimes, we seem to dress both as an expression and reminder of who we are throughout the day. That is one reason why I like to make wearable art in the form of my one of a kind jewelry pieces and why I'm in love with the items in the shop Tsurubride on Etsy, created by Meghan Willis.
Sly Fox - Ipod/Iphone Case (back)

The Crane Wife - An Artisan Clutch
         If your carrying around one of these playful creatures how could you forget, or be afraid to be exactly who you are, and want to share it with the world. It looks like Meghan Willis's degree in fashion went to good use. I'll be waiting for more animal creations.

Orwell Clutch - Black Penguin Purse

Black Penguin Purse (Clutched by Felicia Day) 

          Her profile page on Etsy is worth reading just for the Japanese fable "The Crane's Wife" that she relates as the inspiration for her shop. Be sure to go over to her flickr account for designs that aren't currently in her shop, as she seems to be open to custom pieces. I have enjoyed sifting through the photos myself. Someday, one of these creations may come home to live with me. :) For now I'm sharing them with the world.