Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Whole Piece 1," Daily Painting # 28

"Whole Piece," Available (click here)Oils on Panel8" by 8"

Face Blindness

Yesterday I listened to Strangers in the Mirror, Radiolab (a podcast and radio show from NPR) while painting and it led me to ponder painting something inspired by people with face blindness. This morning I woke up at "the crack of dawn" determined to take photo reference of my early rising Dad before he got too busy with his day. Then I went onto to the errands of the day and finally towards the end of the day I was able to paint! I've managed to finish it just under the wire.

The podcast featured Chuck Close and Oliver Sacks, two people that inspire me and two people who have face blindness. My impressions is that for them faces are disparate elements, an expressive eye, a twitching mouth, a scrunched nose all dart through their minds but can't be seen as a whole. I wanted to give a sense of how each feature can seem odd but engaging when we concentrate on it in isolation from the rest of the face. I may do more of these individual feature paintings overtime.


I should be able to post a more accurate photo tomorrow. I pushed the color in this painting more than came out in this late night photo. But I've made it with no gaps through the first eleven days of Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days! I feel accomplished, though a bit tired. :P :) 


  1. quickly, as I'm at work...I knew this was your Dad right away! I love the chunky brush strokes. Oliver Sachs is always fascinating. Wonderful mind. Will you continue with an ear, a chin, a lock of hair across the forehead? Would be cool to see a whole group of face-parts from a crowd of people, to get an idea of how face blindness might feel. Later on is okay! lol I like that you're doing 30 in 30. It gives the muse strength.

  2. This is lovely and the story behind it is quite interesting. I too am tired and actually a bit stressed with the thirty day challenge. Today's painting didn't turn out to my liking so I will be working on it again tomorrow. I understand getting things done just under the wire.


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