Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something Playful

Starting Point

Since I recently took a two day oil pastel workshop, I have done a total of four oil pastels, one just a tiny study. I've decided to share the latest. This is a little jersey calf that my local dairy farmer/organic food stand owner will be sharing with visitors for the next couple of weeks. (If you are ever in the North County of San Diego, specifically Ramona, stop by her stand on Dye Road. She makes scrumptious kumquat marmalade.)


This little calf is amiable and playful while seemingly just slightly resentful in her tolerance of so many obstructions to her freedom. I'm not entirely sure of the reasoning behind the bunny ears. :D (Though I'm sure the kids that come by enjoy the novelty of the second set of ears.)


I did this portrait of the calf, Tina, because I was interested in the expression on her face. I had never seen subtle expressions on a cow's face before, perhaps I just never got close enough. ;) I'm enjoying the immediacy of working with oil pastel, and I'm looking forward to experimenting with oil pastel mixed with oil paints. So far, I think I'm getting a nice sense of movement with this medium.

Thanks for your interest. Leave comments if you wish. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Metallic Leaf Portraits

This series combines shine, reflection, a spark, and a connection between exterior and interior. You know how we are all made of energy, like the little squiggly strings in String Theory? Well, I thought that metallic leaf really conveyed that energy within and around every living thing.

If you like the idea, the look, or both you can commission a portrait in a metallic leaf of your pet (or person) through my ETSY studio.

Let me know what you think. :)

Abigail Anne, detail
Abigail Anne
Tempochka 12" by 12"
Tempochka, detail 12" by 12"
African Grey at San Diego Wild Animal Park 12" by 12"  

P.S. This post was long overdue. I hope you liked it.