Sunday, February 14, 2010

Problems Photographing

Final Update: The biggest help to me so far has been to use a gray card for adjusting the settings on the camera. Go to your local camera shop and they'll know what I'm talking about.

Update #3:

I have a photography class coming up. Hopefully I can get some answers from a pro.

Further Update:

Well, I am still in need of a good image of my final. I'm waiting until I can visit the local camera shop for advice. In the meanwhile I shall share some more sketches tomorrow.


A friend of mine emailed me this diagram (above) of how to set up the lighting for photographing a piece of artwork. I still couldn't focus well enough with my digital camera so I pulled out the big guns and used my film camera.

The hardest part of the set up was getting a large window to shine on my artwork, and a draw back is that I would have to move everything again to take any more photos of other artwork but I needed to try something different. The film is being processed as we speak. I'll let you know the result.

Original Post:

I really need advice! I'm trying to photograph one of my finished pieces. It is a mixed media piece and I'm finding that my camera is picking out the papers differently than the watercolor.

This is causing significant distortion of values and even the hue of certain areas in this piece. All papers were attached with matte medium, so glare shouldn't be the issue. The only thing I can think of is that the textured surface is boggling my camera as the photos seem to be blurring the watercolor paper texture out.

Any advice? Leave comments if you can!

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