Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Portfolio Blooms

I submitted this piece to Talenthouse, for their competition with the theme of "Calling All Portfolios." It doesn't look quite as vibrant on their website, so I wanted everyone to get a chance to see it looking more accurate.

The idea was to use portfolios as blooms and convey a sense of opportunity. Go to see (and please vote for) Portfolio Blooms at Talenthouse. My explanation of the concept is more in depth on their site.

Voting starts tomorrow, July 15th, and ends July 19th. So be quick about it. ;)

Thanks for your interest. :)

*Update: Unfortunately I did not win the scholarship. But I did create a new portfolio piece in the process. :)  I'm looking to see the silver lining.


  1. Good job, Amber! It's a really cool idea! Plus great job working out the composition and color in this piece! Now, best luck with the competition! :D


Thanks for your interest in my art. I'm very curious to hear your thoughts. Cheers!