Wednesday, October 1, 2014

One Day My Computer Just Snapped


I am dying to share all my recent art adventures. There are a pile of photos on my camera and memories in my mind. But right before my trip my computer could no longer take the heavy workload I had been giving it. It literally snapped. I like to think that the way the bezel around the screen suddenly divided near the base was a kind of swoon, but others around me see a similarity to a wilted plant. The result is quite ridiculous. I have a laptop that still functions perfectly well though laying supine, and can not be moved or viewed from any other position but standing above it awkwardly.  We were told it would be a costly repair. The long and short of it is that it was cheaper to get a newer model of a macbook pro from eBay than fix the one I have loved. I am not trashing the old one yet...

ArtPrize is Coming

So, photos of my old standby fainted, my newish macbook pro, AND all that lovely art I saw at ArtPrize (including the full Whole Piece Series in its current home) are coming in just a few days and from my new home in LA. Exciting stuff is afoot.

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