Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful for Emmeline!

I'd like to introduce my daughter Emmeline!
We have lively times daily.

I have been absent from this blog for the better part of year, but I have not abandoned it! I have just been working on a very important project: Missy Emmeline! She has inspired me greatly, but of course having a small infant makes it a challenge to produce art. I have found a few work arounds and squeezed it in here and there. What surprises me is that she only makes me want to work harder, find ways to create no matter how limited my time, and inspires me even when I am exhausted. I'm hoping to share the little side projects she has inspired me to create as of late in the next few weeks.

For now I thought Thanksgiving was the perfect day to share my little person Emmeline who has created a great impression in just six short months of life! 

I hope all who read this had a beautiful Thanksgiving Day! I am very grateful that my husband's Dad brought most of the turkey dinner to us, as we couldn't make the journey to our big family get together and that my Dad joined in the fun. It was such a treat to just talk to loved ones most of the day.

The day's revelry below:
Gramps and Emmeline getting in a snooze before the main event.

First thanksgiving and already sitting at the table. :D
She has a fascination with chewing!

Some floor time at the end of a big day. She can't help but be awed by the giant camera zooming in on her.

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