Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Expectant," Daily Painting #17

Expectant Available (click here) 

6" by 6" 

Oils on Panel

Koi Fish

I enjoy the vibrant colors that koi fish display and I've occasionally thought of painting them. I'm drawn to the swirls of color and water that are usually displayed in paintings of koi fish, but I always think there is more to them than decorative elements in a painting. I wanted to show a facial expression, something relatable like the interactions we have with mammals. Of all the decorative photos I've taken of koi I found this photo (from the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum) with this fish asserting its need to receive food from us.


I've only painted fish for one previous project.  I find them both challenging and fun to capture. The smooth edges yet clearly structured bodies sit somewhere strangely between the more obvious structure displayed by many mammals and the obviously fur obscured mammals. A fully open fish mouth I have to say was I think the trickiest mouth I've ever painted. The way their eyes and mouth sit on their faces are so different than a mammal, yet it is just as important to me to capture a fish's facial expression as it would be for me to capture a dog's facial expression.


I have quite a bold painting up next. I painted a large mask from the Chinese New Year celebration today. It is like a giant boldly pink muppet. But, you'll have to wait until Saturday to see it because tomorrow is all errands. :P See you soon!

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