Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Trepidatious," Daily Painting #16

"Trepidatious," Available (click here)

8" by 8" 

oils on panel

"Trepidatious"Side View for Texture
Wild Rabbit

This little one was hiding in plain sight on a relatively quiet day at the Wild Animal Park. Right next to
a more secluded but still busy pathway there is a small field of grass. There she sat right in the middle the most cover she had was incredibly tall palm trees above her. Every time someone happened pause on their way to the prominent elephants just 20 feet beyond her to look over at her she would freeze as if that made her invisible. I watched her for a few minutes and slowly she began nibbling again despite my stare.


The two main goals in this piece were to capture how much her small body stood out against the vivid green around her and her expression that conveyed more than worry but also a stubbornness that allowed her to hold her ground in that field.


I found my colorful reference photo! A bold koi fish is up next.

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