Thursday, September 17, 2009

Custom Made

The Object
I want to share the process of commissioning a pendant from me. It was a gratifying process, both Kelli and I were pleased with the piece that resulted. :)

The Means
Through my shop on Etsy there is what is called an "alchemy" section that will take custom orders. Kelli had seen my pendants and she decided she wanted to commission me to make a pendant in some of her favorite colors. (Kelli loves color, and she works with it beautifully! Check out her vivid paintings here:


In her bid she asked for the colors she was interested in and pointed out a couple of pendants she liked best from my shop. We "convoed" (or emailed for people not familiar with Etsy) back and forth discussing details. The price was at the high end of the prices in my shop due to the extra time spent finding the elements to make up the pendant as well as giving her options in the design.

The price, color scheme, and amount of artistic freedom I had was decided before the commission was finalized. I sent her images of the design options and we agreed on the final design. In the process of the final stitching it does change a bit. Then I sent her an image of the final pendant before shipping it off. :)


  1. Very pretty Amber! I love the photo of Kelli wearing it. It looks great!

  2. Thanks Rachel! :) I can't take credit for the photo of Kelli, I think she took it herself. It is a great photo though. :) Thanks again. :)


Thanks for your interest in my art. I'm very curious to hear your thoughts. Cheers!