Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Preview of Coming Attractions ;)

The Encounter
The other night I saw, for the first time, a swarm of many large catfish coming to the surface. It was almost dark, and all I could see was dark shadows, slimy whiskers, and wide mouths. They had come to snatch bird pellets away from startled ducks and coots.

It was vaguely scary for them to come out of the dark. I didn't worry that they'd eat me, of course. It was simply mysterious. Mystery tends, in my experience, to send a thrill through us wee humans. And animals of all sorts met up close will always inspire my contemplative side.

The Result
I'm not sure if it was the time of night, all silhouettes and the sun's last glow. Or if it was that a creature was coming from a place that I hadn't considered much. But, the experience made me want to make art.

I'll be posting a beginning of this project for my sketch this Friday.

The catfish photo is from deviantart by Slopjockey.

The twilight landscape is one of my own photos. ;)

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