Monday, October 28, 2013

"Humble Blush," Daily Painting # 49

"Humble Blush," Available (click here)

8" by 8"

Oils on Panel

Pink Pumpkin (Well, sort of...)

When I was told there was a pink pumpkin variety I have to admit I wasn't sure I'd like the looks of it. I was imaging a sort of Cinderella Barbie pale fuchsia perfectly round pumpkin, what I found seems much more suitable to an earthy version where Cinderella might have to carve a door for herself and sit below dangling pumpkin seed ornaments. 'Tis my kind of pink pumpkin.

Now the reason I actually bought this was because I have been told it is the best pumpkin eats around. I actually bought another pumpkin to paint and a colorful squash. But the longer I had this pumpkin the more it's pink blush spread over it's lumpy-cream surface and I saw it's imperfect shape from different angles the more it was drawing me in. So I painted it first. :P (There is a jack-o-lantern painting waiting to be posted.)


I chose to closely crop the composition around the pumpkin to emphasize it's uneven base and allow our eyes to scan the color shifts across the surface of the pumpkin. Enjoying it's imperfection, even glorifying it seems very much in keeping with Halloween where we can try out oddity and villainy with no regrets.


My favorite jack-o-lantern ever painted up. I've got a new pet portrait to share and I'm antsy to start up on the Whole Piece series again. I'm hoping to get many more daily paintings in soon. That's the scoop for now.

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