Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Why, Hello There..."

"Why, Hello There..."

8" by 8"

Oils on Panel

Ms. Jack-o-Lantern

I carved this pithy lady too soon to be out on Halloween (She rotted dramatically about a week ago, with long harry white mold coming out of her eyes and her whole interior fuzzily black.). She is my favorite attempt I have ever made at a jack-o-lantern. Her face was inspired by the pumpkin that I intentionally picked with a dent skewed upwards that made a great start for a crooked smile. My favorite halloween styles come out of the 1930s so I kept that in mind as I styled her eyes to look up and her eyelashes to be dramatic. Finally I realized she must be looking at something and added a friendly mouse.

'Tis a happy halloween thing I am sharing!


I must do a Whole Piece series painting. If you'd like to add your facial feature to my series, read about it here.

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