Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Murdoch," Pet Portrait


9" by 13"

Mixed Media

All Scruff

My friendship with Murdoch made the process of working on this piece more meaningful. For me Murdoch is all scruff. His unusual wiry mane of neck and back hair gets fuller as he gets older and emphasizes he isn't like other dogs, he is wilder, more independent, and just stubborn. With all that comes a lively spirit that bounds through the outdoors and hunts with vigor and less than precision. He is a small dog, but you wouldn't imagine him with a sweater on. But when he wears a sweater what is exposed of his mane just looks bolder stand up straighter. I pushed color and allowed the surface texture of the canvas to show through to give the whole piece a slightly rough and textured look befitting Murdoch's strong personality.


Currently I am working on another pet portrait and I am near completion. I'm looking forward to more daily paintings next week. 

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