Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Crazy Endeavor?

Wish me luck!

My Scheme

So, I've been cooking up an idea since I finished my latest Whole Piece Series painting today. After going through all the paintings I've done so far this evening and recording those I haven't photographed I realized I had missed one all together. So instead of just finishing #39 I just hit #40. I'd like to be at #50 and solidly half way to my 100 painting goal (Though I may decide on just 75 depending on how the panels lay together as I go.). So I've decided to shoot for the moon.


In the next 7 days I am aiming to complete 10 paintings. (I'll be pleased with 7, but I must aim high.) By next Tuesday I hope to have reached "Whole Piece #50." (I even hope to blog post as I go.) Whether or not I make it I know that it will push me forward to state this high goal.

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