Monday, March 31, 2014

"Whole Piece #35"

"Whole Piece #35"
6" by 6"
Oils on Panel
Almost Up to Date

Finally a more recent painting to share with you all! I painted this just a couple of days ago, from photo reference that I got from another generous Grossmont College student.


This painting was a bit of a challenge and great fun. Getting those lips to be the right kind of bright red (Which sadly doesn't quite come out true on the web. :-P) was a balancing act between garish and vibrant. This is the first of the Whole Piece Series where I got to play with painting some bolder make up. Beyond the fun of potent color this lovely lady's face had so much form to play with. I enjoy sinking my eyes into the dips between one plane of her face and another and gliding over the curves of her distinct chin, lips and cheeks. :) I really focused on conveying that sense of shape and form so that other's can revel in it.

A Piece

I am pleased that this painting of just her lips doesn't belie her overall expression, though in looking at the whole photo I have for reference you wouldn't guess that would be the case.


I have a nice variety of new paintings. Vastly different skin tones and mood in facial features. I'm almost done with a painting of an eye completely in shadow. (I hope you'll join in too.)

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