Sunday, March 16, 2014

Whole Piece #31

"Whole Piece #31"
5" by 7"
Oils on Panel

"Whole Piece #31"
Side View
A Bold Endeavor  
(Well, bold in my life experience anyway. ;))

This is the first of many paintings in the Whole Piece Series that I'll be painting as a result of walking up to a perfect stranger and asking if I could take their picture. (Join in too.)

I had a plan: I would go to Grossmont College and bug strangers, I would be intrepid, I would communicate the human need for art and thus create a desire for these strangers to participate in creating art. (This would have had to have been with mental telepathy because eloquent words were not coming to me as I prepared.) 

What I actually did for quite a while was wander around looking at people intently not believing it was possible to just walk up to a stranger and ask a favor of them, and of course, I had the excuse of posting flyers about the series around the campus as I did. :P 

In the end I did it! Many people were quite generous and good natured about it (I may even do it again...). Of course I hit up several art students in the art area of campus, and that is where I met the subject of this painting. I hope she sees the painting and enjoys it. Thanks very much for collaborating with me! :) 

If anybody else from Grossmont is checking out the blog, I'll be painting randomly from the photos I took for the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out, and a hearty thanks.


I'm dipping my toe into book art this evening rather than finishing off Whole Piece #32.  Hopefully there will be some progress worth posting about. :D Cheers!

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