Friday, March 21, 2014

"Whole Piece #33"

"Whole Piece #32"
5" by 7"
Oils on Panel
A Beard!

My wish came true! A most generous soul allowed me to paint his beard for the Whole Piece Series. (Actually I may even have another beard or two to paint...) Now, I do have a couple of other paintings where a beard surrounds the focal feature, but in this piece I was able to share a beard as a feature on its own.

What power to have at your disposal to be male and add a whole element to your face, to shape it, to imagine how it will remind others of a certain kind of person: a hipster, an animated character, a distinguished person, a mountain man, this list flows on in my head. We do this in every way we present ourselves, but I believe the act of growing a beard holds a special boldness. Yes, women alter their appearance with makeup, sometimes dramatically, but they do not add a feature wholly and sculpt it as they desire it. (Perhaps I should include all facial hair to this particularly special place. Oh, I would be very pleased to meet someone with Mutton chops... and if they were generous enough to share a photo... oh that would be lovely.)

(Join in, especially if you have mutton chops.)

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