Monday, July 29, 2013

"Bon Odori no Mae," Daily Painting #9

"Bon Odori no Mae," Available (Click Here) 6" by 6," Oils on Panel




These little girls were a couple of the many children dressed in versions of traditional Japanese clothes at the Obon festival I visited this past weekend. The title of this piece means "before the dance" (according to my aspiring linguist husband :)). These girls participated in the traditional dances just like most of the people from the buddhist temple and many of the visitors (including me!). I was caught by their brightness on the surprisingly cloudy day (they were like little flowers) and how adult they seemed clustered talking privately even as they were so much tinier than those around them.


I started this painting yesterday incredibly tired! I was working so slowly, but I was determined to finish it and I almost did. I went through my normal process and despite temptation to take shortcuts I didn't and I decided to take time to work on a larger plein air painting (I will share it with you all eventually.), so I didn't finish the painting yesterday. It was an interesting challenge to simplify this subject matter into such a small panel. I played with simplifying values and shapes, muting the background colors, limiting their contrast, making shapes simple, mostly to force our attention on the little girls.


There was so much color an interest at the Obon festival that I can't stop with just this painting. I know at least tomorrow will be another Obon painting! 

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