Monday, July 22, 2013

"Weary of Wariness," Daily Painting #4

"Weary of Wariness," SOLD 

5" by 7" Oils on Panel

This Rabbit

I  came across this rabbit in a small orchard of apple trees where the wild oats golden in the summer dryness are short from extensive nibbling. It was a good place for a rabbit to be and I think this rabbit was awaiting me leaving it to peace.


I'm happy with the brushwork on this piece. I have been looking at several art books that I had neglected for awhile. One of my favorite painters is John Singer Sargent. His brushwork is glorious. I think just looking at a book on his plein air works has helped remind me to approach painting thinking about the brushstrokes I make throughout a painting's creation. Soon I'll do an inspiration post and share some of the images from the Sargent book I own, everyone should see their liveliness.


I'm thinking of doing something big on my next small panel. A whole landscape? You shall see. ;)

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