Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Spotted," Daily Painting #3

"Spotted," SOLD6" by 6," Oil on Panel

Bunny Haven

I see a lot of rabbits in my life. On late afternoon walks they freeze or dart away as I walk by them. But my parent's house is referred to as "bunny haven." (Their house is also a squirrel and gopher haven. I'll explore that later.) Rabbit's in my parent's yard hop away slowly waiting until you are just a couple of feet away. They only scatter when the poodle rushes up to them barking. These bunnies lounge, legs back, belly flat against the ground, ears relaxed, at midday in the middle of the meadow like backyard with no cover. They know they've got it made.


This young bunny was spotted calmly looking back at me in the front yard. It isn't quite grown up yet and its gaze is calm but aware of my presence. It was a bit tricky to portray the proportions of a not quite grown up rabbit. The body is in the slender adolescent phase and the head softer edged but still a bit bigger in comparison to the rest of it's body like the proportions of a baby kit.

I'm thinking on it...

What is percolating for tomorrow's painting? I'm entirely undecided! Though I did get some more nice rabbit photos and I found a couple of colorful leaves, or something entirely new, hmmm... 

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