Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Self-Possessed," Daily Painting #7

"Self-Possessed," Available (Click Here), 6" by 6" oil on panel

A Self-Possessed Camel

I don't remember ever going to the San Diego Zoo and this camel not being there. He is rather haggard at this point, one hump slumps, and he often drools. Though his age has affected him he always seems self-aware and holds his own at the top of the mesa with the younger bactrian camels around him. I often visit that part of the zoo at sunset when the sun is low, directly behind his enclosure and I would greatly miss him if I came upon that spot and our eyes didn't meet.


For this piece I played with pushing the colors to portray the mood. I wanted to keep the brushwork noticeable and expressive. Both these techniques I hope show the impact his personality has on me. The process for this piece was both challenging because I was pushing technique and fun because of that pushing.

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