Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"The Field's Golden Exhale," Daily Painting #5

"The Field's Golden Exhale," SOLD

 5" by 7," oils on panel

The Field Out My Window

Every time I think this field has finished showing me new colors and new plants it shares something new. I think this may be the last bloom of the year. These beautiful yellow flowers I believe are native to Southern, CA (not the ubiquitous wild mustard plants that actually came over from Spain in the 1600's) and I had never seen so many of them in a field. I feel like after watching this field for a year I better understand nature in the larger area of have lived almost my whole life. I'm hoping the blooms will last a bit longer since we just had a summer rain the last couple of days. Perhaps I can get another painting of them in.


I have never painted a landscape on such a small surface. It was a challenge. I had to make it even trickier by portraying the edge of a tree in the extreme foreground. I'm pretty happy with the results. It isn't all that I hoped it might be, but what painting ever achieves all of my hopes. It was good experience in simplifying shapes and patterns of light and effects of the atmosphere. I still prefer to paint my landscapes bigger, but I think there will be more landscapes in one my one-a-day series. (BTW, don't try to paint out a small paned window, it may drive you to distraction.)


I think I deserve the treat of painting a creature again. 

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