Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Obon Choochin," Daily Painting #10

"Obon Choochin," Available (Click Here) 

5" by 7" Oils on Panel


These lanterns hang every year around the outdoor platform that centers this small Obon festival. At the end of the festival day as the sky dims and the second half of dancing concludes these lanterns glow as a warm goodbye. It always makes the end of a very happy day a little less like the end of the celebration. Lanterns are a traditional part of Obon festivals. They are usually lit at the end of the festival and float down a river to send the ancestor spirits away after celebrating and remembering them.


While I love the effect of the lanterns glowing through a tree in the photograph I do find that I missed showing off a full lantern unobstructed, so I may have to do another painting showing off the lanterns more directly. For this painting I enjoyed scumbling in the initial "painted drawing" of the tree's needles and playing with capturing the quality of a bushy needled tree in low light.


More Obon to come!

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