Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sharpie (A Loved Dog on Velvet)

"Sharpie" Acrylics on Velvet 9" by 12"
Sharing Sharpie

Just yesterday this portrait found it's home. I think I could become a full time pet portrait artist if every reaction I got to a painting was as beautifully emotional as the moment Sharpie's friend and owner had to first seeing this painting. It was one of the happiest experiences I have ever had.

Painting on Velvet?

I swore I never would paint on velvet to the very person I painted this portrait for and several other people in the room at the time. (I'm talking this sort of painting on velvet.) I can be a fuddy duddy in that way. Kitschy items and campy movies usually provoke a quick revulsion in me. It is that instant response that is so sharply opinionated that I don't trust in myself or anyone. So, of course, the moment I said I never would paint on velvet the idea to paint this painting popped into my head. I was sure the result would be cheesy, but now the challenges of a new medium were tickling me.

The Technique

I did one small practice painting on velvet to get the feel for how paint would glide over this surface. I must say that is a slower technique. I have new respect for those kitschy paintings, they may be painful to look att in a sort of friendly amusing way, but they most likely took some patience to paint. For me though I'd much prefer to goosh on a pile of squishy oil paint than to slowly build up thinned paint on velvet. 

"And that's all folks... "

Painting Sharpie on velvet was an experience well worth having. So there.

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  1. This painting is beautiful. It not only looks like Sharpie but it shows the type of dog he was. The first moment I saw it, my mind was flooded with so many memories of him. Thank you Amber. And I know Liz was deeply touched and very thankful.


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