Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Golden Pasture," Daily Painting # 27

"Golden Pasture," Available (click here)
8" by 8"
Oils on Panel
Santa Ysabel in Bloom (last Spring)

I didn't end up focusing on the clouds themselves again, but I have been in love with the mood that clouds can imbue on a landscape. Perhaps that is because I'm already wishing for Fall in this heat and I know that I have months to go before Southern California will give in to cooler weather.

In the same valley as yesterday's painting this low spot always has the most blooms. I love the contrast between the overcast sky and cool distant field to the golden glow of the afternoon light on the wild mustard blooms. This valley is one of my favorite places in the world. It changes from month to month, holding onto blooms then greenery in this low spot longer than anywhere around in the dry season.

Hike Through the Painting

Just to the left of this painting on the higher ground of this vast field is the entrance to the Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve where I have ventured into spaces like this rather than reveling in their views from the side lines. You can even meet the cattle that graze there in person, though I haven't gotten too close as I am the kind of person that recognizes their girth as powerful and respects it. :P ;) It is definitely worthy of a visit and a hike (It is steeper around this area than you might expect.).


Something not a landscape I think. Though don't trust me, I'm in the mood to follow a whim.

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