Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Whole Piece 2," Daily Painting # 29

"Whole Piece 2," Available (click here)Oils on Panel8" by 8"

Abstract Familiarity

I'm fascinated by the way that our understanding of the visual world when taken out of context can provoke a shift in our emotional response. Images that are familiar, friendly, or comforting become ambiguous. Exploring the concept of seeing faces as individual parts, that are whole on their own and aren't seen together as a whole, has taken me back to my interest in presenting images representationally while shifting the way the image is presented so that it is not familiar. I'm pursuing the idea that an image becomes somewhat abstract when its context is changed and because of that it does not allow the viewer to have a straightforward response. (See my face blindness post to further explore this topic.)


Something... straightforward? Something pretty? Maybe. :) I certainly want to stay on the expressive color kick that these last two pieces have displayed. (I think I will do more individual facial feature paintings, but I'll take a break for now.)

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