Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Whole Piece 4," Daily Painting # 35

"Whole Piece 4," Available (click here)
5" by 7"
Oils on Panel

Oh the mustache! That unruly bugger was a load of fun to paint. Capturing the abstract qualities and personality of the coarse facial hair was a new experience. I've never painted facial hair this close up, so I played with deep purple shadows and green highlights to give it playfulness. Also, what better way to spend a day than to gaze at a smile! Painting this today perked me up.

For the Whole Piece painting series I want capture how much we read from just one facial feature. I look forward to painting the wrinkles in a brow and the subtleties of how the rest of a facial expression shift the shape of a nose. Looking at just one piece of an expression makes the viewer consider what the feature expresses in a new way, or at least that is what I hope it will do.


Perhaps a lovely little flower. I have the most beautiful bouquet to inspire me. (My absolutely sweet husband brought me home flowers tonight! I am all smiles about it.)

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