Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Whole Piece 8," Daily Painting # 43

"Whole Piece 8," Available (click here)

4" by 4"

Oils on Panel

Even a Smile Isn't Straightforward

Have you ever been digging through a box of ancient family photos and found a picture of someone without a label that nobody in your immediate family is old enough to remember them? Did it give you a dull sad feeling in the pit of your stomach that made you search their face to understand them? For me it is as if I owe that long past relative some sort of personal understanding, some recognition. I've stared at eyebrows, at which side of a mouth sits higher in a smile, at the softness of flesh around eyes and tried to have a moment where it feels like we are looking at each other face to face in the present.  Often I latch on to one aspect of their expression and waffle as to what it means. Ultimately I make a decision to be certain of what it means. But I can't help knowing in the back of my mind it isn't real enough. I can't complete the self deception.

I find myself with a similar feeling when studying a facial feature. There is so much that can be seen in the pull of muscles and flesh that makes up a facial expression, but there is also so much that can be read into that expression that isn't there.

(If your interested in knowing more about this series visit here. Find out how you can get your facial feature painted here.)


I am excited to delve into some wrinkles. Amorphous and playful curvilinear lines that I can accentuate with emotional color.

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