Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"It Glows!" Daily Painting # 21

"It Glows!" Available (click here)
5" by 7"
Oils on Panel

Grover Returns

"It Glows!"
Side View for Texture

I said today's painting was going in to the unknown. What I didn't realize was that baby Grover was really the one going into the unknown. I've gone a bit potty over Grover and I couldn't help thinking of the adventures he might next pursue around my house. Here he has discovered how beautiful a candle can be. I imagine he climbed up like one might a palm tree, legs and arms wrapped around it gripping tightly and inching up to finally reach the top and feel the warmth on his nose as he used his nose to help him balance on the wax rim. (Of course, I warned him about not touching the flame or hot wax. Don't you worry.)


The biggest challenge for this piece was the live flame wavering and melting the wax baby Grover was balancing on. I enjoying embellishing the melting wax portions of the candle with gobs of paint on the panel.


Perhaps a face (human or otherwise)? I'm thinking Grover may have more adventures in the future as well. We shall all find out tomorrow. ;-)

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